Why to break into the fitness industry with The Camp Transformation Center

With the modern consumer’s awareness of the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, more people are trying to embed healthy habits into their lives. For many, this means joining a local gym.

While being a $30 billion industry, only 20 percent of the U.S. population has a gym or health club membership. The remaining 80 percent has yet to be tapped into. It can be assumed that a large portion of the 80 percent of people who aren’t the typical gym-goer may not have experience working out. 

This is where The Camp Transformation Center comes into play. The Camp is more than a gym, it is a community of like-minded people who want to make a lifestyle change, and need more support than other fitness concepts can offer. 

The fitness industry has evolved. Gone are the days of intimidating, “meat-head” gyms being the only option. By opening a Camp Transformation Center franchise, you are creating a space for people who may not feel comfortable in a traditional gym or know how to start getting healthy. We have tapped into that 80 percent of Americans and have unlimited growth potential and you can join our growth as a franchisee.

As many members and Challengers can attest, The Camp offers a welcoming environment built on comradery, and groups of likeminded people working toward a similar goal. The emotional support system has proven to be a motivator to stay on track.

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