5 Reasons You Should Own A The Camp Transformation Center Franchise

Affordable and Groundbreaking Gym Franchise is Changing Lives

The Camp Transformation Center franchise

While many gyms struggle to retain members, The Camp Transformation Center franchises are attracting members and changing the lives of thousands of people in our over 100 locations nationwide.

With our incredible Six-Week Weight Loss Challenge, positive culture and community-focused gym environment, our members are loving their results. Our franchise is a groundbreaking fitness challenge in an industry that generates more than $80 billion annually.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should become a franchisee with The Camp Transformation Center!

It’s affordable – While many fitness concepts can cost well over $500,000 to get started, The Camp has kept its costs lower than most — in large part due to a smaller equipment package and a more-affordable real estate plan. This lower investment has helped entrepreneurs across the country not only open up their first gym franchise but also scale their business to multiple locations. The total investment to open a location of The Camp Transformation Center is between $181,000 and $326,500.

It’s unique – The Camp Transformation Center brings in participants through The Six-Week Weight Loss Challenge, during which they strive to lose 20 pounds each and post their before-and-after pictures as their Facebook profile picture. Not only does this help The Camp’s marketing effort in finding a new base of Challenge participants, but it creates an environment in which people’s lives are being radically changed as part of a community.

“It’s important to treat people well, and that starts with the staff and trickles down to the gym’s members,” says The Camp co-founder, Alejandra Font. “There’s a constant connection because we want to show that we are not just interested in getting their money. We want to make sure they’re getting results. And the fact that we’ve provided results is a huge difference from what you see out there at other gyms.”

“I did The Six-Week Weight Loss Challenge, and I lost 21 pounds, so I decided to become a member. After that, my husband decided to do the Challenge. He did two Challenges and was successful, and now we’re members!” says Danielle Amaral.

It offers the potential for quick ROI – Up-front payments and higher membership fees mean a quicker return on investment for The Camp Transformation Center franchisees. The Camp’s unique model, simpler scalability and alternative revenue streams (like supplements and apparel) make it an attractive business model.

It changes lives and builds community – The ideal franchise owner for The Camp Transformation Center has a deep passion for community, fitness and nutrition.

“My husband and I had both lost over 20 pounds at The Camp, and we fell in love with the community of people and everything they were doing,” says Michelle Croteau, one of The Camp’s first franchisees who, with her husband, now owns three facilities in California and Texas. “I was in school to be a physician’s assistant, and one night I looked at my husband and I said, ‘You’re going to think I’m crazy, but I think I want to open a Camp.’ And he said, ‘I’ve been thinking the exact same thing.’”

We work together to find new members – The Camp Transformation Center works diligently with new franchise owners to help them find and attract gym members, close sales and roll participants of The Six-Week Weight Loss Challenge into full-time memberships. “By ramping up our lead acquisition program through social media ads, we’re generating hundreds of leads to each location where they can convert them to clients,” says Luis Font, co-founder.

Our successful franchisees have outgoing, sales-minded personalities. While The Camp actively assists the franchisee in generating leads and interest in the concept around the local community, it is up to the franchisee and their staff to turn those leads into Six-Week Challengers.

The Camp franchise system has grown quickly, not just because of how effectively they acquire customers for the Challenge, but also because of how effectively they keep those Challengers as members.

Bring The Camp Transformation Center to your community today!

Have a heart and passion for fitness? You can bring The Camp Transformation Center to your community today! With initial franchise fees of just $40,000, you could bring The Six-Week Weight Loss Challenge to your community! For more information, visit our franchise information website or apply to become the next Camp Transformation Center owner.