How Are We Different Than Every Other Gym?

A six-week weight loss challenge creates a culture of community unrivaled in the fitness industry

The Camp Transformation Center brings in customers through its Six-Week Weight Loss Challenge, during which participants pay a refundable $497 deposit with the stipulation that they lose 20 pounds each and post their before-and-after pictures as their Facebook profile picture. Not only does this help The Camp’s marketing effort in finding a new base of Challenge participants, but it creates an environment in which people’s lives are being radically changed as part of a community.

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Due to the transformation that Challenge participants are going through as a group, a culture is created, aided by a caring staff that gives their all to the Challengers. The cycle of the franchisee caring for the staff, and the staff caring for the gym-goer fosters an encouraging, supportive environment that makes for rabid fans of The Camp Transformation Center.

“It’s important to treat people well, and that starts with the staff and trickles down to the gym’s members,” says The Camp co-founder, Alejandra Font. “There’s a constant connection because we want to show that we are not just interested in getting their money. We want to make sure they’re getting results. And the fact that we’ve provided results is a huge difference from what you see out there at other gyms.”

Discover what makes our franchise different.

Through each Challenge, franchisees, trainers and participants create a community of positive change. With the mandate that they attend five classes per week and stick to a strict high-protein, low-fat diet, participants are weighed each week and are experiencing the change in real time. An active social media presence and the constant in-person encouragement by staff and trainers keep the positive momentum high through the Six-Week Challenge.

This atmosphere is not only beneficial to the Challenge participants who are losing weight and feeling healthier, but it also creates a rewarding, fulfilling career for franchise owners.

“To be able to be in an industry that we transform people’s lives is amazing,” Alejandra says. “First of all, just the regular client, they’re transforming their health and fitness and the way they look. And then also the franchisees, we’re in a position to help them change their economic situation, change their lives, and help them become entrepreneurs.”

High-energy, supportive classes promote a positive experience

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While music is playing, and trainers are encouraging participants. It is a stimulating atmosphere. Franchisees get to know the Camp’s members on personal level and a camaraderie is created among Challenge participants because of the change that they’re experiencing as a group.

“The more you come into The Camp, the more you’re going to see everyone and get to know people, and that’s where the real change happens,” says franchisee Chad Burleson. “The person next to you is not only there for himself, but they’re there for you too. At our Camp, I would recognize every single member and could name most them.”

Dr. Sam Bakhtiar, who came up with The Camp’s weight-loss program, is fulfilled by the results from the Challenge’s participants. Even Sam himself was surprised by the results his group got after the first few Challenges. It makes for a worthwhile, fulfilling business for franchisees to own.

“Every day, I get probably a dozen messages either through Facebook, a text or an email of people saying ‘Thank you, you changed my life,’” Sam says. “They tell me they weren’t able to conceive, but now there are. They were on the verge of divorce, but now they’re not. So many different things that make my day complete. It makes me smile because I’m in the transformation game.”

The Camp members create thriving communities within the gym

At individual franchise locations, communities are formed that last far beyond a particular six-week challenge. Franchisee Wasima Kanderi has met some of her best friends at The Camp. They’ve sat in her office and shed tears over both the struggles and accomplishments of weight loss. Jeff Carpenter, a franchise owner in Texas, has gym participants who formed a softball team and spend time together outside of the gym.

“You talk about a lifestyle for a business owner. I mean, I feel like a kid again,” Jeff says. “I work out with my friends, I help people understand fitness. I go out to fun events with these people every weekend, and we’ve only been open 6 months.”

The lifestyle change is not limited to the gym-goers who are having their lives transformed by a Six-Week Challenge. Franchisees, whose lives have been reinvigorated by owning their own business, are making friends and making an impact on their local community. The Camp Transformation stands out in the fitness industry because of this culture, and at a low point of entry, makes for an affordable business to own.

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