What Is The Camp Transformation Center Franchise?

Challenge based gym franchise succeeds where others fail

The Camp Transformation Center franchise is a groundbreaking fitness concept in an industry that generates more than $80 billion U.S dollars annually. The Camp is dramatically changing lives of people across the country.

Sam Bakhtiar and Alejandra Font launched The Camp in 2011, creating a high-interval training gym that is quickly growing in a variety of markets due to its practical scalability, low investment costs and unique business approach that is continuing to help people not only lose weight but also keep the weight off while taking pride in living a healthy lifestyle.

“The difference at The Camp is that there’s inspiration, motivation. There’s a feeling of possibility, of hope,” Alejandra says. “At other gyms, you’re just a number, and the only time they would call you on the phone is if your credit card declines. We make a point to be different. Our specialty is that we understand people. Gyms close all the time because they only focus on the workout. That’s important, but the people we’re dealing with are what’s most important.”

The Camp is centered around its Six-Week Weight Loss Challenge. Participants track their progress on Facebook, attend five workouts per week, and lose 20 pounds. The result is a devoted revenue-incurring membership base that typically rolls into an annual membership that is substantially higher than many gym franchises. An environment is thus created at The Camp where gym members see and feel progress, encourage each other and tell the world about the impact The Camp franchisee has made on them.

Real people – real results

The Camp transformation center franchise making a difference in the communities lives.

“Every person who comes into The Camp has struggled with their weight, and they’ve tried everything to fix it,” says Wasima Kanderi, a franchisee in Thousand Oaks, California. “At The Camp, they see real results but they also feel cared for. A person may come into our gym shy on that first day of the challenge, but within a week, their true self will come out. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had a woman sit with me in my office and talk to me about some of the same troubles I’ve had in my life,” she says. “They’re not members to us, they’re some of our best friends.”

The Camp’s high interval training that speeds up the metabolic rate that continues after working out, combined with a high-protein, low-fat diet, has shown dramatic results over 6 week periods.

“It goes back to the saying, ‘When the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change, that’s when real change happens,” Sam says. “Once people saw what would be accomplished at The Camp, that’s when the magic really started happening, and word started to get out and we just grew.”

Growing your Camp Transformation Center franchise

The Camp has devised an extremely effective digital marketing program to get members in the door for the Challenge, even before a franchise’s doors open. Effective Camp franchisees are comfortable with sales, but more importantly, have the customer service skills that exude through a staff that makes a Challenger feel welcome and comfortable and have a passion for transforming people’s lives in their communities.

“Every single location that I’ve had, the amount of traffic we get from the marketing help from corporate, it’s so much that you have to hire extra staff just to control that sort of volume,” says Xavier Sanchez, a franchisee who now owns six Camp franchises across California and Colorado. “I know that there are other fitness franchises that are so much more expensive to start off and your return isn’t great right away. But with this, I think the investment is a lot smaller and the return can be much greater.”

This return on investment is aided by higher membership fees. Compare this to fitness programs charging low monthly fees, hoping members forget to visit so they make a profit. With a large percentage of The Camp’s Challengers signing on for monthly or annual memberships after their weight loss, revenue streams develop quickly and are even more aided by supplement sales before, during, and after a challenge. This accounts for a significant portion of franchises sales.

The Camp transformation center franchise changing peoples lives for the better.This model is extremely scalable, as current franchisees will attest. This was a goal from the outset of the creation of The Camp. A simple equipment package and affordable real estate options in light industrial areas help the franchisee get off the ground quickly, and a refined model by a corporate team that has grown gyms across the country helps support the franchisee as he or she scale their business.

The combination of having a staff that believes in our vision, and combining that with people that really want change and are getting results creates an excitement and happiness that’s contagious. That’s what made me fall in love with the camp and makes owning these gyms so fulfilling.”

Ready to bring a Camp Transformation Center to your community?

The total investment for a Camp Transformation Center ranges from $181,000 to $326,500, making it one of the more affordable gym franchises in the fitness industry. It is producing life-changing results among men, women, and children across the country. Owning a Camp Transformation franchise means a revenue stream and personal fulfillment for the franchise owner and personal fulfillment for their members.

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