What Are My Startup Costs?

The Camp Transformation Center is one of the more affordable gym franchises in the industry

While many fitness concepts can cost well over $500,000 to get started, The Camp has kept its costs lower than most in large part to a smaller equipment package and a more affordable real estate plan. This lower investment has helped entrepreneurs across the country not only open up their first gym franchise but also scale their business to multiple locations. The total investment to open a Camp Transformation Center is between $181,000 and $326,500.

Gym franchise with low startup costs makes it is easier to earn a high ROI

Here’s our FDD Item 7 which details the specific startup costs of our franchise offering:

Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $40,000 $40,000 Lump Sum In Full Prior to Opening Center Us
Training Travel and Living Expenses $2,000 $10,000 As Incurred During Training Airlines, Hotels, Centers
Lease Deposit $7,000 $15,000 As Negotiated Signing of Lease Lessor
Construction Costs $18,000 $40,000 As Negotiated Prior to Opening Center Suppliers and Contractors
Furniture, Fixtures, Gym Equipment, Office Equipment $65,000 $130,000 As Incurred Prior to Opening Center Suppliers
Initial Inventory $15,000 $20,000 Lump Sum As Incurred Suppliers
Plans, Permits and Licenses $3,000 $12,000 As Incurred Prior to Opening Suppliers
Signage $3,000 $7,500 As Incurred Upon Invoice Suppliers
Insurance, Miscellaneous Deposits and Prepaid Expenses $3,000 $12,000 As Incurred Prior to Opening Suppliers, Utilities, Us, Etc.
Additional Funds - Three Months $25,000 $40,000 Lump Sum Prior to Opening Employees, Supplies, Utilities
TOTAL $181,000 $326,500

Your actual gym franchise costs to open may vary depending on your location, real estate rates and construction costs. Please see Item 7 of our FDD for details. To learn more about your specific area, fill out the information form on this page and start a conversation with us!

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