Franchise Application

This franchise application for The Camp Transformation Center will help you in preparing and presenting your personal information for confidential use by The Camp Transformation Center to determine your qualifications as a franchisee. Please complete it with as much detail as possible.

The completion of this form places no continuing obligation on either party.

Please have each person signing fill out a separate application.


  • I certify that the information I have provided in this Franchise Application is accurate and complete and does not omit any material information.

    I authorize The Camp Transformation Center (“TCTC”) or its agent:
    • to obtain a credit report about me from one or more consumer reporting agencies in order to evaluate my credit worthiness, credit standing and capacity, character and general reputation, and my eligibility and capability to operate a franchise.
    • to make such additional background investigations of my affairs or character as TCTC deems necessary or appropriate to verify the data I have submitted or subsequently submit.

    I authorize any past or present employer, law enforcement agency, government agency, consumer reporting agency, educational institution, financial institution, landlord, trade reference, or other person who has knowledge of my character, experience and activities to release information about me to TCTC or its agent. To the extent that any such person could be liable to me as a result of furnishing the information to TCTC, I release that person from any liability.
    I understand that:
    • TCTC is relying on all of the information provided in this Franchise Application, including any attachments and verifying information from others, in considering my eligibility for a franchise;
    • I may be the subject of a “consumer report,” including but not limited to credit history, which may contain information about my credit worthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, character, general reputation, or personal characteristics;
    • The information contained in a consumer report may adversely affect TCTC’s decision regarding my eligibility for a franchise. TCTC will communicate with me directly regarding such issues, if they arise;
    • I may be asked to provide additional information and financial statements;
    • I may be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect information I receive from TCTC;
    • I may be asked to complete a criminal records check, and other background checks;
    • Submission of this Franchise Application does not obligate TCTC to offer me a franchise, nor does it obligate me to purchase a franchise if one is ultimately offered. The Franchise Application is only an initial step in the qualification process;
    • After reviewing this Franchise Application and related information, if TCTC decides that I may be a viable franchise candidate, TCTC will send me a Franchise Disclosure Document;
    • Transmitting the FDD and Franchise Application does not obligate TCTC to offer me a franchise, nor does it obligate me to purchase a franchise if one is ultimately offered;
    • If I choose to apply for a franchise after receiving the FDD, TCTC will rely on the information in this Franchise Application in considering my application; and
    • The decision to grant (or not to grant) me or my organization a franchise is in TCTC’s absolute discretion.

    I agree to notify TCTC of any material change in the information I have submitted or in my personal, legal, business or financial status while my application is pending.

    If I am completing the Franchise Application on behalf of a corporation or other business entity, I certify that I have full authority to do so and I agree to provide documentation of my authority upon request.